Scott, JD and Belle Annalee

JD Scott is a television and online host for HGTV, Great American Country and Travel Channel. He appears both solo and alongside his brothers, Drew and Jonathan on various projects. His shows include Property Brothers: At Home, Brother Vs Brother, All-American Amusement Parks, HGTV Insider, Can I Come In and a brand new series starting later this year, Brothers Take New Orleans.

JD worked in both the entertainment (film, stage, writing) and construction (renovation, flipping) industries for the last 20 years. He has penned many scripts, stories, and articles over the years and was a founding member of the Canadian sketch comedy ensemble, YFG. He has also performed on-stage in Las Vegas as a celebrity impersonator of superstars, Adam Lambert and David Bowie. Having directed and acted in festival films and produced countless hours

Annalee Belle is an internationally published model, celebrity makeup artist and social media branding expert with millions of followers across various platforms. She utilizes her reach to develop a deeper connection with her growing fan base and peers while educating them on a diverse range of subjects from health and beauty to best practices online. Through sharing her daily experiences, she is able to demonstrate a real life example of what it means to be a full-time freelance artist in this developing age of digital content.

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Twitter and Periscope: @annalee_belle

Instagram and Snapchat: @annaleebelle



Technology and Social Media in Modern Branding

Using an illustrated presentation, JD and Annalee will discuss the use of emerging technologies and social media when it comes to branding a company. It wasn’t too long ago that internet marketing and strategies were considered volatile and unproven. That is no longer the case as we see more and more public figures and corporations basing themselves purely online.


Transforming Dreams into Goals   (At Montserrat Community College)

We live in a society that often tells children that they can only do certain things when it comes to their future.  Using themselves as examples, JD and Annalee will show how this is untrue. They have both achieved a high level of success in their fields despite the adversities that can impede progress. In this interactive discussion and with the use of visuals, they will explore the kind of mind set that can lead to positive outcomes and achieving life’s goals.